Sunday, April 12, 2009

Simple Shopping List "mShopping LE ver 1.0.0" released.

The first application made by iPhone studio, simple shopping list "mShopping LE ver 1.0.0" has been released.

Free application that supports English and Japanese, you can download it from App Store.

mShopping LE is a simple "Shopping List". For "Shopping List", mShopping LE possesses only basic functions, but how to use is very easy. As a daily pretty good "shopping note", please utilize it.

  • Add, modify, delete item of the list.
    (item name, maker, model, price, quantity)
  • Manage purchased or non-purchase(check or uncheck).
  • Delete all purchased(checked) items at once.

Screen Shot:
  • Shopping List

    Tap a "+" button of the top right corner and add an item. ON/OFF of a check is toggled when tap the line of the item. The detailed information of the item is displayed when tap the ">" button of each line right-side end.

  • Add New Item

    You can register item name, maker, model number, price and quantity.

  • Item Detail

    You can see the details of the registered products.

  • Delete Item

    To delete an item from the list, tap an "edit" button of the top left corner of "Shopping List" screen and tap a "-" button of the item which you want to delete.

  • Delete All Checked Items

    Tap the "Trash" button displayed in editing mode, you can delete all checked items.

A future plan:

Next version (ver 1.1.0), will be enhanced and changed the screen layout according to the paid version released soon. Please expect it.

Paid version screen shot:

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