Monday, June 29, 2009

mShopping ver 1.1.0 Promotional Movie

This is a promotional movie of powerful shopping list "mShopping ver 1.1.0".


Sunday, June 28, 2009

mShopping LE ver 1.1.1 (supports iPhone OS 3.0) released.

The simple shopping list "mShopping LE ver 1.1.1" updated version (supports iPhone OS 3.0) was released.

Free application that supports English and Japanese, you can download it from App Store.

What's New in This Version:
  • Supports iPhone OS 3.0.
  • Slightly change the layout of the screen.
  • Several bug fixes.

If you want more information, click here.


mShopping ver 1.1.0 (supports iPhone OS 3.0) released.

The powerful shopping list "mShopping ver 1.1.0" updated version (supports iPhone OS 3.0) was released.

The application for iPhone and iPod touch that supports English and Japanese, you can buy it from App Store.

What's New in This Version:
  • Supports iPhone OS 3.0.
  • Improve UI.
    • Change to display a thumbnail of the photo in the list screen.
    • Change the layout of the detail screen. Move "Photo", "Web" to the top.
    • Change to display an amount of each group in the grouped list screen.
    • Change the title of the series registration screen to "New Item (Series)".
  • Several bug fixes.

mShopping is a powerful "shopping list". It possesses many functions not only for a simple "shopping list" but also for a "wish list" and "library catalog". From daily "shopping" to "collection management", please utilize it in various uses.

  • Can register item photo up to 3 pieces.
    (Use built-in camera or photo album)
  • Can search for item information on the Web.
    (Amazon, Google, Yahoo!)
  • Can register item image which searched on the Web.
  • Can easily register items of series by series registration function.
    (Automatically copy the contents of the previous registration)
  • Can register tags and manage the multiple lists.
  • Can manage items classified by category and date.
  • Can manage purchased or non-purchase (check or uncheck).
  • Can display only non-purchase (unchecked) items.
  • Can delete all purchased (checked) items at once.
  • Can delete all items of the list at once.
  • Can change tag or category of all items of the list at once.

Promotinal Movie:

How to Use:
  • Even if you don't know the model number and manufacturer of item, you can register the photo, show it to the clerk, "This one, please" you can say.

    "The substitute edge of this shaver, please."

  • If you register the item page that searched on Amazon, you can order it online anytime when the item is necessary.

    When necessary, order online immediately.

  • When you register a series of novels and DVD, using the series registration function, you don't input the same information many times (author and title, publisher, etc.). You can register even voluminous series easily.

    Item name, maker, etc. are copied from the previous one.
    Then, simply change the volume number.

Screen Shot:
  • Shopping List

    Tap a "+" button of the toolbar right-side end and add an item. A double "+" button in the left is series registration button. Copy the information of the item which registered just before that and register a new item.

    You can switch the all items display and only non-checked items display in turn when tap the second "checkmark" button from the left of the toolbar.

  • Tag group

    This is the screen on which items are grouped by tags. You can make the tag as many as you want. If you want to manage item groups or manage multiple shopping lists, you can use this feature.

  • Category group

    This is the screen on which items classified in categories. Unlike a tag, the category shows the classification of the item and chooses it from a list prepared beforehand. You can't add a new category and can't change the name of the existing category.

  • Date group

    This is the screen on which items classified by date. By default, items are classified by the registration date, but you can freely change the date. You can register the publication date and manage your collection, or you can register the purchase date and manage your purchase history. Usage is up to you.

  • Add New Item

    You can register item name, maker, model number, note, price, quantity, category, tags, photos (up to 3), related web page, date.

  • Photo

    You choose an image from a "Photo Library", "Camera Roll(iPhone)" / "Saved Photos(iPod touch)", or take a picture with a built-in camera(iPhone only), and can register the photo of the item. You can register up to 3 photos per the item.

  • Web

    With a built-in Web browser, you can search information of an item in Web (Amazon, Google, Yahoo!). If you register the searched page as a related page, you can easily refer to later.

    You can register the searched image as a photo of the item. To register an image, tap & hold an image until a save menu is displayed.

A future plan:

Future version will
  • Supports Amazon Web Service.
  • Supports backup and restore data.
  • Supports reordering list.
  • Supports additional fields by category.
    (Author, Director, etc.)
  • Supports grouping by the additional field.
    (Grouping by Author, Director, etc.)
Please expect it.

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