Monday, June 29, 2009

mShopping ver 1.1.0 Promotional Movie

This is a promotional movie of powerful shopping list "mShopping ver 1.1.0".


Mavixander said...

Hi! This App is very useful..., but I have a sugerence.. This App is old, there are new apps as super search pro, search it, wich can show many webs fonts, as eBay, Flicker, twitter, wikipedia, etc.
And I think this App need urgently to add te eBay too!
Sure, as a shopping list App it don´t need the twitter or google faces, wikipedia, etc. But eBay yes!!
I think is very necessary you check both app wich i mentioned and do the comparation.
Well, i hope you add the eBay, please.
And what you think if there is a Favorites option or Wish list in the eBay option in your app as in amazon? WIll be very very used.
I think you really need to add the eBay! No just because i use eBay, is because one can´t be without the other, are always joined in, i think, all apps at reference.

And I think is very necessary the option of 10-20-30 items showed per each page, your App show each 10 items, and many times it looks slow.
Well, thanks, very much, thanks.

Magica said...

Hi Mavixander. Thank you for your comment. I consider it.