Thursday, January 28, 2010

mAgiNotes ver 1.1.0 released.

The Lightest Notebook App "mAgiNotes ver 1.1.0" was released.

The application for iPhone and iPod touch that supports English and Japanese, you can buy it from App Store.

mAgiNotes, in a nutshell, is the most suitable notepad to generate a list. mAgiNotes is designed to write down a short note quickly and to read it at any time.

mAgiNotes can not input photos, sounds and handwriting images. In addition, mAgiNotes does not have a detail screen. It has only a list screen.

Therefore mAgiNotes is not suitable for a use to record complicated information. But mAgiNotes is good to a use to write down the idea that you hit on suddenly in a short note, and a use to make a little checklist.

  • Can input a note on a list screen directly.
    There are no hassle of switching the screen.
  • Can also scroll a list while typing notes.
    When enter a new note, can refer to other notes on the list.
  • Can be grouped by color with a color label.
  • Can add a checkmark to a note.
    Can be used as a simple TODO list.
  • Can sort notes in alphabetical order or registration order.
    In addition, can sort in random order.
  • Can display non-checked notes in the top of the list.
  • Can sort in reverse order when tap the sort icon twice.
  • Can create any number of notebook.
  • Can easily move notes between notebooks.
    Of course, can create a new notebook when move notes.

How to Use:
  1. Put down what you hit on to "Scratch Pad" at any time.
  2. If you wish, tap the color label and classifies by color.
  3. If you wish, tap the sort icon and sort notes.
  4. If number of notes increases, gather up notes of the same theme and move to a new notebook.

Screen Shot:
  • Notes

  • Input/Edit Note

  • Notebooks

  • Edit Mode

  • Move To

  • Settings

Future version will
  • Upload/Download Google Docs.
  • Email notes.
  • Tweet notes.

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goodfootlee said...

Feature request!!!

Thank you for valuable upgrade.
With landscape mode, mAgiNotes has become my best note app.
But I has been wanting one more thing.
When I was outlining my story with mAgiNotes, I've been always wanting the feature that all notes in a notebook could be combined in one note. I named this feature "publish notebook". To merge all notes into one text, then to be emailed or synced with google docs. If this feature to be included, I'll trash all other note of outline apps.

Unknown said...

Wish the editing window was full size so I might see my total entry.

ScientistKathy said...
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ScientistKathy said...

Love this concept! Sorting by colour/category, checkboxes, and best of all the expansion triangles are just what I've been looking for. But, am I missing it or is there no way to sync with computer/Mac?

artysx said...


I'm the developer of Launch+ app.
I want to add your app into supported list, does it support any URL schemes?

My email is


artysx said...


I'm the developer of Launch+ app. I received several requests to add support for launching your app.

Does it support any URL scheme or can you add it in next update?