Friday, January 22, 2010

RotaryCam ver 1.0.0 released.

My first photography app "RotaryCam ver 1.0.0" was released.

Free application for iPhone that supports English and Japanese, you can download it from App Store.

RotaryCam is the camera app that live view turns round and round. In addition, this app offers continuous shooting and overlay features. You can take unique photos by using these features.

  • Live View turns round and round by shaking or swiping.
  • Continuous shooting feature about up to 10 photos per second.
    (Only at low resolution, 1 or 2 per second at high resolution)
  • Overlay mode choose from seven different blend modes.
  • Quick preview can see up to 30 photos.
    (Quick preview is erased when low memory)
  • Two resolutions choose to suit your purpose.
    (Low resolution: 427x320, High resolution: 2048x1536(3GS) or 1600x1200(3G))
  • Blur mode which always take camera shake photo.
  • Rotary lock mode live view turns with iPhone.
  • Support touch focus of iPhone 3GS.
  • Of course, you can use as a normal camera.

Promotional Movie:

Screen shots:
  • Main

    From left on the toolbar,
    • Information button
    • Camera Roll button
    • Rotary mode button
      Live view rotation On/Off/Lock
    • Shutter button
    • Resolution button
      High(Full size)/Low(427x320)
    • Effect mode button
    • Shutter mode button
      Manual/Auto continuous

  • Controls
    When necessary, the auxiliary controls are displayed on the live view.

  • Quick Preview

    You can see the next or previous photo by tap the right/left button or flick the screen.

  • While the toolbar is red (activity indicator is also displayed), please DO NOT QUIT the app. If you quit the app, may cause the loss of photos.
  • To conserve memory, quick preview quality is lower than the original picture quality.
  • When a lot of photos are overlaid, the picture may be all black or all white.
  • When low memory, shutter is disabled temporarily. After enough memory, shutter is enabled again.

Download it from App Store

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