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My first iPad App "mAgiNotes for iPad ver 1.0.0" released.

My first iPad App "mAgiNotes for iPad ver 1.0.0" was released.

The application for iPad that supports English and Japanese, you can buy it from App Store.

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'mAgiNotes for iPad' as its name suggests, is the iPad optimized version of 'mAgiNotes' that is the most suitable notepad to generate a list of iPhone. 'mAgiNotes for iPad' possesses light operability like mAgiNotes, and UI is brushed up to a very large screen of iPad.

'mAgiNotes for iPad' can not input photos, sounds and handwriting images. In addition, 'mAgiNotes for iPad' does not have a detail screen. It has only a list screen. Therefore 'mAgiNotes for iPad' is not suitable for a use to record complicated information. But 'mAgiNotes for iPad' is good to a use to write down the idea that you hit on suddenly, and a use to make a little checklist.

  • Can input a note on a list screen directly.
    There are no hassle of switching the screen.
  • Can also scroll a list while typing notes.
    When enter a new note, can refer to other notes on the list.
  • Can collapse long text note.
    Don't spoil the clarity of the list.
  • Can maximize a note input column.
    Can input long text efficiently.
  • Can be grouped by color with a color label.
  • Can add a checkmark to a note.
    Can be used as a simple TODO list.
  • Can sort notes in alphabetical order or registration order.
    In addition, can sort in random order.
  • Can display non-checked notes in the top of the list.
  • Can sort in reverse order when tap the sort icon twice.
  • Can create any number of notebook.
  • Can easily move notes between notebooks.
    Of course, can create a new notebook when move notes.
  • Support iTunes file sharing.
    Can backup/restore your notebooks.
Screen Shot:
- Main

From left on the toolbar of right side view:
  • Information button
  • Sort button (by Name)
  • Sort button (by Date/Time)
  • Sort button (by Color)
  • Sort button (by Checkmark)
  • Sort button (by Random)
  • Add new note button
And "Add new notebook button" on the toolbar of left side view.

With portrait, the screen is only "notes view" like below.

When you tap the "Notebooks" button of the left on the title bar, the "Notebooks view" is displayed as a popup.

If you want to change the title of the notebook, please tap on the title of the title bar. In addition, to change the color of the notebook icon, please tap the notebook icon in the left of the title. If you tap the key mark in the right of the title, you can lock the notebook to prevent sorting by sort buttons on the toolbar. (the color of the color-label and the notebook icon are locked at the same time.)

- Collapse long text note

For example, even such a long note would exceed one screen as shown below,

It is possible collapse few lines like the picture below. Even if there are long text notes, 'mAgiNotes for iPad' does not spoil the clarity of the list.

When you tap a downward triangle mark, the whole text of the note which was collapsed is displayed.

NOTE: To enable this feature, please specify "Display Lines" of "Settings App".

- Input/Edit Note

When you tap the line "Add New Note" at the bottom or the "+" button on the toolbar, the height of the line spreads and becomes input mode.

When you tap the triangle mark in the upper right corner of the input column, the column vertically maximized as shown below and makes it easier to type long text.

- Editing Mode

Each view becomes the editing mode when you tap the "edit" button in the top right corner of the "Notes" or "Notebooks" view.

In editing mode of "Notebooks" view, you can sort the list and can remove a notebook from the list. To sort the list, touch the reorder control in the rightmost of the row then drag and drop.

In editing mode of "Notes" view as well as "Notobooks" view, you can sort the list, can remove selected notes from the list and can move selected notes to another notebook.

- Settings

Please use "Settings App" of iOS for various settings of "mAgiNotes for iPad". Tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen, and please choose "mAgiNotesPad" of Apps section.

- Backup/Restore

Using the File Sharing of iTunes, you can backup/restore notebooks data.

To backup data, connect your iPad to your PC and open App tab of iTunes and choose "mAgiNotesPad" of File Sharing section.

The file "note.db" listed on "mAgiNotesPad Documents" is a notebooks database. Please save this file to your PC.

To restore data, please add the saved file "note.db" to your iPad and overwrite.

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